The main research agenda for 2014 was to find out methods of constructing free-form surface structures by using composite materials with the utilization of ‘Flexible Forming’ technique. In this scenario, a double curved surface would be converted into a formwork, through fabrication of that formwork, realization of the surface would become possible.

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CRAFT.2014.Design Brief

The design agenda was to build a pavilion with the limitations in size, material use, internal space conditions and construction technique. While the main idea was to make the design with thin layer of fiber composite, this has been approached by using Minimal Surfaces in design phase. After studies on several surface classes, a ‘Gyroid’ geometry has been selected and further manipulated to generate the skin of the pavilion.

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CRAFT.2014.Material System

The material system of the pavilion was composite, comprised of glass fibers and polyester resin. The resulted fiberglass would be the ultra thin surface of the pavilion. It would be applied onto the digitally made fabric-formwork.




CRAFT.2014.Fabrication Technology

The idea of fabrication was to convert the double curved surfaces of the pavilion, into several formworks to be cast by fiberglass through flexible forming technique. Thus, model have been sub-divided into separate pieces to be manageable in size. These pieces then converted into formworks with several parts, to be cut by CNC machine from sheets of MDF.

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Craft is looking for ideas that make digital design and fabrication achievable within different types of projects through simple techniques and collaborative work.







Armin Moustafavi, Dadbeh Mohebi, Arash NaderPour, Shakiba Ahmadi, Yasaman Tahouni, Nazanin Behboodikhah, Anahita Moustafavi, Amireza Zarif, Kamyar Azari, Oveis Shahnaee, Mostafa Akbari, Shandiz Jafari, Dena Hasani, Alireza Najibi, Salar Hasanzadeh, Farnaz Tabatabaii, Mehdi , Hamed Behmanesh, Setareh Ghanavati, Hamed Dabestani, Fardad, Ghazal, Samin Ghadirzadeh, Faeze Sadeghi, Behrooz Khalili, Mohamad Afshar, Amir Khalili, and Ali Mirzadeh

Directors and Tutors: Zubin Khabazi, Mehran Davari / Assistant Tutor: Ramtin Taherian, Masih Yarahmadi