Pushing forward the 2014 agenda, here the idea is to further continue on working with free-form surface geometries to make them with composite materials using flexible forming technique. While the agenda is to improve the qualities of the parts, the Location would be outdoor, in the courtyard of a historical house.




CRAFT.2015.Design Brief

The idea of design started with Gyroid minimal surface, but to see how further it could be manipulated and deformed to be able to use it as a pavilion. This year’s scenario was more like a negative geometry of a surface as subtracted from its bounding box. This helped to have some regular sides, parallel to the walls of the old building, yet the space inside would allow for the experience of a flexible language of design.

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CRAFT.2015.Material System

Composite material systems were the initial idea to be used in this work. The important part was to make sure that the flexible formwork system would match the desired material outcome, based on its size and geometry.

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CRAFT.2015.Fabrication and Assembly

All formworks and their pieces have been generated digitally and fabricated with CNC through MDF sheets. These pieces then assembled to make the formwork to be ready for the application of the fiberglass.

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Craft 2015 pavilion has been assembled together in Vartan historical house in the central areas of Tehran, to be used for the first Tehran Architecture Biennale.

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Soroush Garivani, Adib Khaeiz, Sepideh Garivani, Mani Vahedi, Pedram Karimi, Pouria Baniadam, Paniz Farrokhsiar, Arian Khalighi, Sadra Khosravan, Saman Aboutorab, Yeganeh Shams, Masih Barin, Mahsa Elahivafa, Sina Dana, Armin Akbari, Illia Yazdanpanah, Farhang Alipour and Setareh Houshmand.

Directors and Tutors: Zubin Khabazi, Mehran Davari / Assistant Tutor: Ramtin Taherian